17 April 2008

Monthly review 8

It's that time of month again.....

Here are some of the stats (obtained via Google Analytics) from the last month (13th March-12th April 08) for this blog, with last months numbers in brackets:

1. There have been 740 (701) visits.
a) 311 (254) of those have come via referring sites
b) 151 (225) of those visits are direct traffic
c) 277 (222) of those visits are from search engines
d) 1 (0) of those visits came from "other" ......... I have no idea what this means!

2. Searches that have brought people to this site are:
(I'm not going to note last months stats for these cos it's too complicated now the list is getting so long)

ruth e babes - 14 times
christian childrens talks - 13 times
christian children's talks - 8 times
juice loose about this house - 6 times
e babes - 4 times
belfast babes - 3 times
free christian talks - 3 times
rob and ruth elkin - 3 times
ruthebabes - 3 times
banbridge babes - 2 times
children christian talk - 2 times
children's christian talks - 2 times
childrens christian talks - 2 times
christian childrens talks free - 2 times
christian kids talk - 2 times
christian kids talks - 2 times
floating lemons and sinking limes - 2 times
free childrens christian talks - 2 times
free youth bible study - 2 times
god pie - 2 times
portadown babes - 2 times
ruth bible youth - 2 times
ruth elkin - 2 times
ruth in the bible - 2 times
there's juice loose - 2 times
why do lemons float - 2 times
www .babes.blog.spot .com - 2 time
zombie attack plans - 2 times
all ruth +pics
all ruths are toothy
andy flan girl
christian kids talks
funny bible studies
god pie
ruth little ireland
ruth patience + bebo
a funny chicken race. kids love it.
afrika babes hunter
alife4sale book download
all ruth free pics
babes blog -sex
babes blogspot
babes size 5
babes spot blog
bacon buttie
banbridge graffiti
bannside presbyterian church
bbc "are you one of them"
bebo glengormley
belfast graffiti bebo
bible character david
bible clothing of ruth
bible gateway com daily verse
bible gateways
bible pictures of david and bathsheba
bible study david and bathsheba
bible study in pictures running the race with patience
blogspot.com download babes hot
childre's talk christian
children christian talks
children talks christian
children talks-christian-
children's bible study on ruth
children's christian talks free
children's free bible talks
children's religious cartoons
children's talks christian
childrens christian talks and stories
childrens free christian talks
childrens talks cross
christian children talks
christian children's address
christian children's family talks
christian children's talk
christian childrens talks and stories
christian garden of eden pictures
christian kids talk love
christian talk on flowers
christian talks for children about sheep
christian talks kids free
chritian childrens talks
church of ireland email scam
church of ireland phising
com babes.ni
come to canada for your free bible studies
cross children's talk
david and bathsheba children's lessons
downloadable youth bible studies
e babe
e number day
e typing
e-typing download
e.babes picture
ebible gateway
ed's diner banbridge
ed's grill banbridge
eds bar and grill lisburn jobs
edun live bebo
email contacts of ruth
follow-up to harry potter
free babe art
free bird banbridge
free children's christian talks
free children's talks
free childrens talks
free christian children's talks
free christian photos for children
free range chicken race
free youth bible
free youth bible study resource
funny belfast
funny bible organizations
funny christian talks for children
funny church graffiti
funny graffiti
get free youth bible
ghana volunteer bebo
god pie video
google ruth
hoots man
hot northern irish babes
how can i download the singing polo dog onto my phone
how cool is ruthie
i love mondays
i love mondays belfast
images of ruth from bible
indian babes "blogspot"
indian babes blogs
indian babes blogspot
indian restaurant menorca
ireland gymnastics bebo
juice loose 'but this hoose'
juice loose about the house
juice loose hoose
kid bible study in singapore
kids christian talk
link to verse on biblegateway
local butcher
long hair babe blog
long hair babe indian
loose aboot this hoose
maryland "robert elkin"
menorca honeymoon
monthly review + netherlands + 2008
new zealand babe blog
nigerian babes and flowers
nightreach northern ireland
noah's ark children's talk
northern babes wife pics
northern ireland asbos 2008
paki british babes
pampered chef at church
personal babe blogspot
philippine christian babes
phishy email
photography hillsborough forest march
picture of ruth in the bible
portuguese babe video on blog
re/ school assemblies/ why jesus died for us
religious picture of ruth
ruth - bebo
ruth bebo
ruth bebo ballymoney
ruth blogspot
ruth children's talks
ruth e snow
ruth image bible study
ruth in graffiti
ruth in the bible with pictures
ruth mary hunter facebook
ruth's biblical characters
short christian talks
short hair babes
shorthair babes
simple picture of bible character ruth
studying babes blogs
take a test on ruth's story in the bible
talk 2 children
talk for children christian
talk to babes 100% free
the chicken race jamie oliver
the story of the lost sheep for kids
there juice loose about this house
there's juice loose aboot this house
theres a juice loose
theres a juice loose about this house
theres juice loose aboot this hoose
theres juice loose about this house advert
this aint daft punk shirts
typing test in ireland
uk babe blogspot
video faith the dog
well i'm a man and i can't help but love you so volkwagen polo advert
what is the difference between a heron and a crane
where buy chickens northern ireland
where did lydia of the bible get purple cloth
why do lemons float in water?
youth bible david and bathsheba
youth bible lessons on ruth
youth bible studies free
youth bible study - david
youth studies parting red sea
zombie attack prep
christian childrens talk - 0 times
are/ school assemblies/ people taking the blame for us like jesus did - 0 times
christian childrens talks cross - 0 times
chritian children's talk - 0 times
ruth children's talks bible - 0 times

3. Number of visits from each country that visited.
472 (496) visits came from the UK
157 (123) visits came from the USA
22 (21) visits came from Australia
16 (5) visits came from India
11 (16) visits came from Ireland
11 (4) visits came from Canada
4 (3) visits came from New Zealand
3 (3) visits came from Italy
3 (1) visits came from Pakistan
3 (3) visits came from Germany
3 visits came from Norway
2 visits came from Sweden
2 visits came from Hungary
2 visits came from Egypt
2 (1) visits came from Japan
2 visits came from Brazil
2 (1) visits came from Greece
2 visits came from Turkey
2 (2) visits came from Singapore
2 visits came from Spain
1 (2) visit came from South Africa
1 (2) visit came from the Philippines
1 visit came from Bahrain
1 visit came from Kenya
1 visit came from Switzerland
1 visit came from Iceland
1 (1) visit came from Indonesia
1 visit came from Malta
1 visit came from Cyprus
1 visit came from Serbia and Montenegro
1 visit came from Belgium
1 (1) visit came from the Netherlands
1 (1) visit came from United Arab Emirates
1 visit came from Taiwan
1 visit came from Ivory Coast
1 visit came from China
1 visit came from Senegal

4. Top 10 referring sites
Ruth's Kitchen Experiments - 69
Blogger - 56
Google Images - .com - 43
shot in the arm - 18
Bebo - 14
Debs Erwin - 11
Google - 10
Alan in Belfast - 9
Livingloud - Bowmanblog - 9
Google Images - .co.uk - 8

5. Top 3 blog posts
Free Christian Children's Talk 1 - 93 views
NaBloPoMo 2 - 47 views
Free Christian Children's Talk 2 - 45 times


Chris said...

That is REALLY cool! I'm going to have to check out google analytics. hmmm.

Ruth Elkin said...

It's always interesting to see what brings people to my little corner of the web... sometimes it's all rather odd though. But you should check it out!