25 January 2008

Free Christian Children's Talk 1

Very often I have to do what's called a "children's address" in our church service, I've used similar talks in school assemblies and in some of our children's groups. So seeing as I'm starting to share some of my youth resources I may as well share some of these too.

This one was inspired by my recent visits to the dentist.

I have to apologise for the way it's written, it always feels weird to write like that but it's vaguely what I would have said. It's also aimed at children between the ages of 3-8/9.

Well I have some pictures to show you this morning and i want you to tell me who is in each of them.

Who's this? A policeman, and he's catching a robber. Policemen work very hard doing all sorts of things but the main thing that they do is work to get rid of crime.

Who's this? A doctor and the doctor has to do lots of training and works very hard to help us get rid of bugs when we're sick or pain when we're hurt.

Who's in this picture? The dentist and in this picture he's pulling a tooth! Ouch! The dentist gets rid of pain in our teeth and fixes what's wrong with our mouths.

What's happening in this picture? A fireman is rescuing someone from a fire, what else does the fireman do? He puts out fires, he takes away fire that can harm us.

Who's in this picture? The bin man! He comes and collects all the rubbish and the recycling to take it away for us.

This is someone you might see at school, who's this person? The caretaker. He works hard to clean up the school and get rid of dirt and mess so the school is clean.

This is the last photo, it's a bit hard because we don't really have these people in our country, but lots of other countries might need them. Let them have a guess at who this might be. It's an exterminator, he goes into houses and other buildings when little bugs or mice or other little creatures move in that shouldn't be there and he gets rid of them.

The bible says: But God shows his great love for us in this way: Christ died for us while we were still sinners. (NCV)

All these people have jobs where they get rid of something and all those things they get rid of are all things that are bad for us: crime, sickness and pain, sore teeth, fire, rubbish, dirt, bugs and mice....

Jesus did something very special when he came to Earth, he loved us so much that he died on the cross so that he would take the blame for all the bad things we do. And he did all that so that we could be friends with him and go to heaven to be with him. Jesus takes away the bad things so we can have a great promise of heaven.

But he doesn't just take away the bad things and forgive us as soon as we do them, we have to pray and ask for forgiveness so that can happen.

Let's close our eyes and talk to God.
Dear God, thank you for Jesus, thank you that you love us so much that you sent him to die on the cross for us. Please forgive us for the bad things we have done, help us to choose the right thing in future. In Jesus name, Amen.

Pictures sourced from Google image searches

If you are using this talk please let me know for curiosity's sake, I'm just interested to know where it's being used.


The Wee Brown-Eyed Girl said...

That's a great children's address!! Although I did notice that all the people in the pictures were men. I'm NOT an out & out feminist, it's just an observation!

ruthEbabes said...

I had noticed that too. Really struggled to find any good cartoons of women in those jobs.

cantsingmick said...

Great talk , Short and sharp . I am looking at using this idea but changed to suit my style .

Ruth E said...

Cantsingmick, I'm glad to hear that it has been useful to you. I hope it goes well!

lorrdebird said...

Thanks for sharing this talk. I think I'll use the bones of your talk and adapt it to my audience - we're in Sydney.

Susie Wan said...

Thank you for making your lessons available online. I find them relevant to various children's age-groups.

I fill in when teachers call in sick on Sunday mornings. I am glad you have so kindly shared these wonderful stories with us.

God bless your special gift and ministry.

PreacherMan said...

Hi, Thanks for your talk on 'getting rid of ...', used it on Sunday in my service (I'm a methodist local preacher) with a few modifications - went well. Thanks for sharing.