09 January 2008

I hate dentists

I always dread going to the dentist, i mean he's a nice man and all but what he does is rather scary. The weekend before Christmas I accidentally swallowed a crown that I have, well I should say had and after the Christmas break I finally got an appointment to get it seen to, which was today. I had thought I'd just get another mould taken and a temporary filling put in, how wrong was I?!?!?!?

He took an X-ray and discovered that the roots had separated and were twisting so a new crown wouldn't be a good idea seeing as it would keep falling out, he suggested removing the root and asked would I like to do it today or make another appointment. Quickly weighing up the idea of how nervous I would get anticipating it if I made another appointment alongside the idea of driving from Banbridge to Glengormley and back again, I decided to just get it done there and then, despite the fact I'd be getting an unnecessarily huge needle jammed in my mouth.

I was such a wimp, the nurse had to hold my hand while I was getting the injection. I really hate needles - I'm fine seeing it happen to other people, but I'm a different story. So my mouth was all numbed and then the dentist charged on in there with more unnecessarily large implements to yank this root out of my mouth, a few minute later the deed was done. He stuffed a cotton ball in my mouth and told me to bite on it until I came home and gave me some spare for incase it keeps bleeding. I left the place shaking, I really am a wuss when it comes to the dentist.

I went to my Mum and Dad's house where I had planned to go afterwards to get lunch, however seeing as I can only eat on one side of my mouth, am not allowed to let liquid near the hole causing great difficulty drinking and I can't actually feel anything on the right side of my face/mouth/tongue means eating is rather tricky at present, so Stewie got my leftover Chinese from last night (seeing as cooking wasn't going to happen then, the power came on again around 2.30am).

Well, if you're the praying sort please say a little prayer that the gum will heal over quick and that dinner tonight won't be as tricky.

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