19 November 2008

Apples on apples

After my last post about Apple Cake I couldn't help but share this pic I came across.

A Japanese farmer put the Apple and the iPod logos on the fruit while they were growing, making these crazy fun looking ones! [via Gizmodo]

16 November 2008


It was Rob's birthday recently and I couldn't help but make my Mac loving hubby an apple cake to celebrate....

... it's a Victoria Sponge inside (his favourite) so no edible apples unfortunately.

12 November 2008

Thank you Mr Jobs!!!!


Well it's been a long time since I've posted on here and I'm sorry about that. If you have been speaking to me recently you will know that my iBook was in with Apple getting some much needed repair done to the casing. I was told it would be 7-10 days which seemed long enough already considering I do a lot of work on my laptop. After it was away for 11 days and I had heard nothing I called the lovely new Apple store in Victoria Square to find out what was going on and it apparently needed a few more days work.

After a few more days and a few more calls I was able to collect my wee iBook - except when I called to collect it there was another problem with the casing so it had to be left for a bit longer with them. A few days later I got a call saying it was almost ready and just had a few more things to sort. The day after I got a call with very different news - the guys who were working on it discovered some more problems with the casing and to save me waiting forever and to make up for the hassle of it'll be ready soon/it won't be ready soon the decided to give me a brand new MacBook!!! I was in shock - firstly cos the guy on the phone seemed to think this was bad news to me, but because I never ever expected that to be the outcome!

Th next day I went to the store and picked up my new MacBook that had all my files tranferred over for me and everything! The past few days have been fun on my new machine playing with new features and getting all my music and photos etc sorted.