28 January 2008

Another working Monday

I mentioned before how Monday is my day off but also how I had ended up doing a little work then. Today turned out to be the same but it's all good.

Firstly, the day started off with a training morning being held in Church House for youth leaders, teachers, ministers etc being held by CEOP talking about Internet Safety for children and young people. It was really very interesting and actually taught me a few things... well it was more of an advertisement for websites I've never encountered before.... but also made me understand a little bit more about the threats and dangers young people face online. I'll definitely be looking into this a bit more and hopefully will be able to do some of the training they have produced with the young people in Bannside.

After that I rushed down to Banbridge for an event at one of the catholic churches in the town,where Mary McAleese was going to meet with the clergy in the town as part of her first official visit to the town. I never really had any thoughts on what she may be like in real life, but she was very warm, personable and enjoyable to listen to. My boss spoke a little about the history of the clergy group in Banbridge and what all has come out of that group in terms of cross community relations and ministry to the town from working together. Mary got up after that and spoke for a while and she encouraged the clergy in their work, talking about the influence the church has had in Northern Ireland both through the troubles and since the troubles. She finished with a metaphor of the river: it starts with just a little trickle but as it comes down the mountain and to the sea the flow becomes faster and the river wider, and the impact on the environment all the stronger. A beautiful image.

Not a bad day at work really!

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