21 January 2008

I love Mondays

Monday's are my official day off... well except for today when there was a little emergency rush for me to write a document for the church committee tonight, however I don't have any other work to do until tomorrow now, it can all wait.

Monday's are great, I chill out a bit, take Stewie for a longer walk than normal, sometimes visit my parents, get stuff done round the house and get the shopping in, which I love. I love it not just for browsing through the groceries and thinking what I'll be cooking and so on, but also cos I have cool little notepads for my shopping list which make me all happy in my own little nerdy way.

I designed it on Vista Print and bought 3 of them. I've had them for a while and am really happy with them. However I've laid out the categories according to the layout of my regular store which causes problems sometimes in other shops so I hope they don't rearrange it any time soon!

And yes I know I'm weird for having a "Stewie" category but hey, it'll get weirder when I post about him later today.


Kate said...

Don't feel too weird - I have a Ringo tab in my blog ;-)

ruthEbabes said...

Thanks Kate! I suppose in the town I live in dogs are supposed to be kept outside all day, so it's odd that Stewie gets all that he does, never mind a little section on my shopping list lol.