14 January 2008

Dentist again

Since I had my root removed last week the pain just wasn't going away. I spoke with a woman in church who is a dentist to ask if it's supposed to be like that or if I should see the dentist again, or even the doctor for that matter and she advised tat I go back to the dentist. So I called this morning and described the problem to the receptionist, she then shocked me by giving me an appointment for this afternoon (usually I'm left waiting 2 or 3 weeks to see the dentist), so I took it and headed up to Glengormley to find out I had Dry Socket where the bone underneath was exposed to food and air and stuff making it very painful. It has now been washed out and filled in with some stuff that should last a couple of days, but has took the pain away, I'm feeling much much better now! Long may it last!

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