14 April 2008

Sesame Tree

I finally got to watch some Sesame Tree: Northern Irelands new kids show. Alan in Belfast has posted loads about a Northern Irish version of Sesame Street hitting our screens and it keeps reminding me to check it out everytime I check out his blog. Getting to see it today was helped satisfy some curiosity about the show and made me remember loads of the little clips from Sesame Street that was on almost every lunchtime as I was growing up. I loved the show: it's great to have local kids learning and teaching each other too alongside some really cool muppets. But what I loved most about the show was how Hilda the Hare says "that was beezer"..... now that's "beezer!"


Kate said...

I grew up on Sesame Street - this is too cool!

And by "grew up on" I mean grew up watching, I actually grew up on Wine Ave.

ruthEbabes said...

It's pretty awesome! It makes me so happy!!!! Don't know if you can seeing as you're in the US but look up sesame tree on http://bbc.co.uk/iplayer and you might be able to watch it.