11 April 2008

Free Christian Children's Talk 3

It's been a while since i posted a children's talk so here's a copy of the very first children's talk I ever did! Looking at my notes it wouldn't mean anything to anyone else so I've rewrote it to make sense and also to sounds like how I actually said it.

You will need to set up some things in advance:
2 tables - 1 with all the right quantities for the recipe, the other with either wrong quantities or wrong ingredients, along with bowls and spoons for mixing the ingredients together
Copy recipe to powerpoint and project on screen if you have them.

"I rushed out of the house and didn’t get breakfast….

I'm so hungry! You might have heard my tummy rumbling during the last hymn! Well I hope it's ok, but I'm going to need to eat some breakfast now. Can I have someone to help me make breakfast?"

Pick a volunteer who'll understand the recipe and be able to put everything together

Add the following ingredients to a large bowl:
• 1 crushed up weetabix/wheat flakes
• 4 spoonfuls of oat flakes
• A handful of bran flakes
• A small glass full of banana chips
• A small glass of raisins
• A glass of milk

"OK right well let's see the recipe for first thing we need to put in the bowl is the weetabix, oh wait I have 2... well I'll add them both and make it extra weetabixy

Next some oat flakes.... oh wait i have some almond flakes, but I suppose they're kind of like oat flakes... they're both flaky right?

Next some bran flakes.... i only have 1 flake... well sure i have the extra weetabix in there to make up for less bran flakes."

Look at volunteer's bowl "Yours looks very different to mine, are you sure you're doing it right? Anyways next we need some banana chips.... I have a whole banana, same thing really.

Next a small glass of raisins... do you think jelly beans would work ok? That's all I have here. I'm sure it'll be fine.

And finally the milk, sure coconut milk will be great... it's a type of milk right?

OK I'm starving" Have a taste, pull faces to show it doesn't taste good

"That's horrible! It doesn't taste good at all!" Look at volunteer's muesli

"Well mine doesn’t look like yours! Let me have a taste of that!" Have a taste, pull face to show it's tasty

"How come yours is better than mine? We both were given the same recipe! Well I suppose I didn't follow the recipe properly, I used different ingredients and had more of some things and less of others. And when you're cooking it's good to follow the instructions. Mine would have tasted nicer if I had done what the recipe told me to do.

You know this reminds me of the Bible, because the Bible is like an instruction manual, it gives us guidance, it teaches us to live the way God wants us to and shows us how to be friends with God.

Sometimes we think it's best if we just do things our own way and ignore the advice and help that God gives us in the Bible. But God is so much smarter and wiser than we will ever be and he knows what is best for us.

In the Bible, Jesus gives us 2 very important instructions
To love God with all our heart, all our soul and with all our mind. That’s a lot of love.
And the second is to love each other the way we’d like people to show us love.

The whole Bible tells us how we can do that and how we can follow God better by living the way he wants us to. Because God is smarter and wiser, knows what's best for us and wants to be friends with us. The Bible really is a great book that we should try to read everyday."

If you are using this talk please let me know for curiosity's sake, I'm just interested to know where it's being used.

Picture sourced from Diary of a Food Nobody


Kate said...

This is HYSTERICAL cause I have a friend who cooks like this. I gave her a recipe for an egg strata and called to see how it went:

"Well, I didn't see that I was supposed to add the bread first, so I added it in later, and all the egg stuck to the bottom, and I know you said it would need more time since I was making 2, but I didn't and so it wasn't cooked all the way through, and I didn't want to cook the vegetables before hand so I threw them in raw........"

or when she made a cake:
"I don't know what your secret is to making a cake, its from a box, so it should turn out okay. I didn't have any vegetable oil, so I used olive oil instead, and we were out of eggs so I just omitted them...."

ruthEbabes said...

I have a friend just like that too... whenever we plan meals we make sure she gets the dessert cos she prefers to buy that lol