19 November 2007

100 posts!!!!

This is my 100th post on the ruth E babes blog... I'm well impressed I made it this far And think one way to mark the occasion is to highlight 5 of my favourite posts from the blog over the last 100 posts(in no particular order)

1. Geography and Miss Teen USA South Carolina It's just too funny!
2. Johnny Vegas' Guide to.... Evangelical Christianity I really loved watching this show, it just fascinated me.
3. Harry Potter Dilemma (which I'll be posting an update to shortly)
4. Vote Zach Hunter OK he didn't win in the end, but I still love his passion and the work he does... i'll have to read his book sometime to get the same passion.
5. Campaign for Real Beauty Fantastic video!

Well that's it!!!! Here's to the next 100!!!!

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