19 November 2007

Loosing contact(s)

I've been sorting out my address book a little recently and deleting some of my contacts for people I don't see or haven't been in touch with for over 2 years. Before starting this process I had 390 contacts and after sorting it all out I now have 209, that's almost half of my original contacts gone.

Now lots of those were contacts from old businessy type relationships, but there were quite a few old friends where both our paths have just gone different ways and we've lost touch. However it has got me thinking about how many people I've met in my lifetime and wonder how much of an impression/impact I have had/not had on those people. And on the other hand, what kind of impression/impact have they had on me?

The past few weeks I've noticed how i've impacted/impressed upon some of my young people in various ways.
1. I said a word in a rather odd way once when I was talking to them as a group and later in the meeting I caught them trying to say it like I had said it..... made me wonder was this all they heard lol.
2. I was talking to a girl from the group and she was asking about something I had said about 3/4 weeks before hand. She had obviously been thinking about it and could quote me word for word.
3. We've had a few new people join the youth group and get involved in our mini music group. One of the boys turned to one of the girls (who would be similar height and hair colour etc to me) and was asking her did she want a copy of the music for the guitar - she doesn't play guitar so he got her confused with me.

God has given each of us one life to live, and thinking about the number of people I have met through out my life, have i made more positive impacts than negative? I really don't know, but I pray that God will just use whatever impact or impression i do make and use it.

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