19 November 2007

NaBloPoMo 19

Rob and I were just watching a Dispatches documentary tonight on Coca Cola and learnt some interesting facts - however for some of these I can't find any information online to confirm:

1. It takes 2.5 litres of water to make 1 litre of water - I don't know how this works though
2. Cocaine used to be a key ingredient in Coca Cola, but it was removed around 1903
3. The plantations in El Salvador where some the sugar cane needed is grown are dangerous because of the use of machetes and dangerous snakes, employees working here are supposed to be over 18. However it is estimated that 30,000 children are working on the sugar plantations - also meaning the children miss school.
4. About 3/4 of those on death row in one prison in America requested Coca Cola as part of their last meal

The Coca Cola Company sent a statement to Dispacthes that was broadcast giving the website Get The Real Facts for people to look at and make their own decision about Coca Cola.

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Rick said...

I use to work at a Coke plant, but I'm a Dr. Pepper man.