11 November 2007

Harry Potter dilemma

I have a little dilemma that I thought may provide some discussion in the comments below with what you might do.

A while ago I loaned 2 of my Harry Potter DVDs to a friend in church because we had been talking and she said her daughters were wanting to see the movies. Everytime I had seen her since she would tell me that her girls were watching the movies over and over and absolutely loved them and that she'd get them back to me soon.

This morning my friend handed me the DVDs and had to rush off, but it was when she had gone I realised that she had given me 2 DVDs for the correct movies but they were actually part of a bigger box set, they were 1 disc editions and I had loaned her 2 disc editions.

I'm not sure whether she has bought more DVDs for her girls to give me mine back or maybe mine got ruined and she replaced them or what has happened, but I have the wrong DVDs in my possession right now.

So what would you do? Would you ask for the 2 Disc editions back? Or would you just let it go and keep the 1 Disc editions? Or would you do something else?

As a side note - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is released on DVD this Monday! How very exciting! However the difficulty with this one is that I'd love to just go and buy it but with Christmas coming up soon, someone may buy it for me!


Alan in Belfast said...

I'd casually ask her if she'd given you the wrong ones? You could always make a joke and say you didn't want to pinching anyone's Christmas present!

RT said...

I too would ask for the originals back.

Nuncle said...

pwn h3r @$$ hrd.