07 November 2007

Vote Zach Hunter!!!

I just want to plug this and hope that the very small audience of the ruthEbabes blog might respond and support this.

Zach Hunter is an inspiring young man! He started his work at the age of 12 and is now a 15 year old abolitionist and activist who works to end slavery for the 27 million trapped in it around the world. He has become the student spokesperson for The Amazing Change campaign which was inspired by the film Amazing Grace that was in the cinema earlier this year. In the last year he has spoke to over half a million people and has inspired and encouraged many people to make a change in the world. He has wrote a book called Be the Change to promote this cause and encourage teens (well anyone I suppose) to find something they're passionate about (even if it's not abolition) and do something about it. He has also started a campaign called Loose Change to Loosen Chains to raise money for it too, where he encourage people to collect the loose change lying around their house and donate it to the cause.

What's even more amazing is that he used to be very shy and introverted, but his passion for this cause has given him the confidence to stand up and speak out, to be the voice for people who don't have one.

To watch a quick news clip about Zach click here for a Quicktime movie and click here for a Windows Media Palyer movie.

He has been nominated as a CNN hero in the youth category where the winner is determined merely by vote. Please vote for him here (by the way, the info is wrong: it says zach has raised $20,000 to end slavery but that's how much zach has personally given, from speaking fees and his book royalties. He has raised well over 10x that amount!!!!) Winning this would give him some time on Prime Time TV in the US to talk about the abolition of modern day slavery more and how he feels his generation is being called by God to bring freedom. This would also bring a cash prize which Zach has said will be used in the education and aftercare of children who are rescued from slavery.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE!!!! You can vote as many times as you like until Monday, November 12, 2007 (12 p.m. ET).

HT to Marko

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