10 March 2008

200 posts!!!

This is my 200th post on the ruth E blog! I'm impressed I've kept so loyal to this!

When I hit 100 posts I highlighted 5 of my favourite posts from that 100 so I'll do the same for the last 100 posts now to mark the occasion.

1. First year out - a a photo essay from The New York times about a man who was wrongly convicted of raping and murdering at the age of 16 went to prison and served almost 16 years of his prison sentence before DNA tests proved him innocent.
2. 2 million kids infected every year... - a video about a disease that affects over 2 million kids each year. Shocking stuff!
3. Loosing control - a post I wrote about the hectic time I had over Christmas, feeling out of control but another step along the path of learning to delegate, ask for help and remember that God is in control
4. All Ruth's are toothy - It's just cool... i still have to get this book!
5. Encouragement - Me finding encouragement after my skepticism

Also I want to re-highlight, not as favourite posts but a couple of posts I wrote about edun live and Free Rice.

Here's to the next 100 posts!!!!!!

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