09 May 2008


I've posted before about having a random dog start to follow me round the park but it has happened again, and with a labrador again too!!!!

Stewie and I were enjoying a walk round Lurgan Park this week and loving the short heatwave we've had here the past few days when a labrador started walking along with us. To start I just ignored it thinking it's owner was somewhere near by, but after a while I looked around and saw no one. He started lifting sticks and trying to play with me, I tried to look at his tags to see his name or get a number but he kept growling at me so I left it.

Eventually though he stopped the growling when he didn't have a stick in his mouth so I got the number and called the owner, who told me that "Digger" just likes to take off sometimes for a wander round the park by himself and once he's done he makes his own way home.

How cool is that?!?!?!? I'd love it if Stewie was able to take himself for a walk when I've got really busy days but then again we do have great fun on our walks together.

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