14 September 2007


I met up with a friend today who had been away all summer on work placements. She has just got engaged last weekend and I couldn't be happier for her and her fiance. Don't want to mention names here because I know they're still trying to tell people the news themselves. But congrats to you both!

So anyways we met up today and got some subway to take to the park and eat there, then walk wee Stewie. We arrived at the park and found as we were looking for a bench that we had a stray labrador following us. He and Stewie played for a while and we noticed that there was no one else around and looking for this dog. I called the dog warden and it ended up that we had to walk the dog with us (fortunately Stewie's collar fitted the dog seeing as he didn't have one and we had 2 leads to walk both dogs on) until the warden came. This dog was great walking on the lead, didn't pull or anything, meanwhile Stewie who's used to being let loose in the forest was pulling and yanking on it and pulling my arm out of it's socket. We ended up nicknaming the dog Mustard because of the colour of his fur (and yeah I know what you're thinking, wouldn't Goldie or Honey be a better way to describe the colour, but we liked Mustard). Eventually the warden came and picked the dog up.

Hope Mustard finds his way home, if not that, I hope he ends up in a good home.

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