13 September 2007

New links 2

A few new blogs are linked in the "Blogs I read" section of my wee sidebar over there ----->

Debs Erwin works as the Preparing Youth to be Peacemakers Co-ordinator for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland on the Youth and Children's Board...... wow that was a lot of links in that sentence!

Sarah (soon to be Sarah Patterson) Reid is a friend of mine whom I love dearly and am gla dot see she's joined the blogging world... especially seeing as she's awesome in the kitchen too! Hope to see more recipes and ideas!

Robin Todd studied with my hubby in University so it's good to be able to catch up and hear what he and his girlfriend Lindsey have been up to.... just don't get to see them that often these days!

That's all for now but will continue to update any new links for you as they come.

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