13 September 2007

First month review

I have been blogging faithfully now for one month and as i said before quite proud of this achievement.

For those who are interested here are some of the stats (obtained via Google Analytics) from the last month concerning this blog:

1. There have been 291 visits.

a) 193 of those have come via referring sites including blogger.com, bebo.com, marramgrass.org.uk, twitter.com, colinforeman.wordpress.com and Alan in Belfast
b) 90 of those visits are direct traffic
c) 8 of those visits are from search engines
2. Google searches (unless stated otherwise) that have brought people to this site are:
a) babes portadown
b) banbridge babes
c) bicycle babes
d) e babes
e) http://ruthebabes.blogspot.com
f) lurgan babes (via aol)
g) mom2 6pack blog
h) ruth elkin

It's interesting how many people are looking for babes in Northern Ireland

3. 269 visits came from the UK
19 visits came from the USA
1 visit came from Trinidad and Tobago
1 visit came from Brazil
1 visit came from an unidentified source

I find all this quite interesting as to how people have come to find my blog or how many people are lokoing at it etc


Rob Elkin said...

This information would have been better displayed graphically.....

miss.sarah said...

I found this post strangely captivating. I really should blog more.

Mark said...

Interesting trend tin those search terms!

Nuncle said...

Awesome! I didn't know this could be done!