07 May 2008

Sun shiny shine

It's May and the sun is splitting out of the skies and forced us to have a mini BBQ last night which was fantastic. I also had Stewie out for a longer walk yesterday as well as him wanting to keep playing fetch with the ball. He was having so much fun playing fetch and his eyes were all sparkly watching the ball anytime I lifted it:

But there came a point when he kept coming back with the ball and collapsing on the ground like this:

That didn't stop him jumping up again ready to go everytime I lifted the ball again. but we headed home for fear he'd die of thirst, heat or exhaustion. He ended up trying to find nice cool spots to lie down round the house for most of the rest of the evening.

I love the sunnier weather too because it marks a big change in wardrobe -

I read a few blogs recently from California saying it was in the 60s (fahrenheit) and they were freezing! Well it's about the 60s here at the minute and we're loving it!!!!! I am at least anyways!


That Girl said...

I love Stewie posts!

Ruth Elkin said...

He's way too entertaining to keep from sharing stories about him.