05 March 2008

Recent wanderings

Our wee Stewie still gets his regular walks, not always in Hillsborough like he used to but still quite often in Hillsborough Forest. Recently I decided to start walking among the trees more and discovered some little trails that go through the forest that are obviously used by some but not too many. The 2 of us have had fun exploring these "secret paths" and coming across new areas of the forest.

Being in the middle of the forest with no idea of where exactly I am led me to thinking all theologically about a journey through life, but also about Lost, that great and very weird TV show about a group of plane crash survivors on a bizarre island. There are some random buildings in parts of the park that just remind me of a scene in Lost, especially seeing them after being in the middle of the trees for about an hour!

It's really rather bizzarre and slightly spooky, but more than that, I discovered some bamboo growing near all these buildings!

When we do eventually make it back to the regular paths he loves to try bugging the swans and ducks again:

And after all that excitement, it's home for Stewie's nap.

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