05 March 2008

On my own again

Rob has gone and left me..........

..... to go to London for 3 days!

He finally got away on his course for work that he was meant to go on last October. And check this out... the lucky sod is in a real fancy hotel with a great view of Tower Bridge!

Lucky boy!


shot in the arm said...

I've tagged you at http://shiploadofwilco.blogspot.com/2008/03/to-be-or-not-to-be-tagged.html but if tag isn't your thing, just post a note on my blog and I'll untag you!
love smelbert

Kate said...

I love when the hubs goes out of town and I can have some relaxing alone time. Unfortunately, in his line of work that hardly ever happens.

ruthEbabes said...

Thanks Mel, tis done :o)

It's the first time Rob's been out of town... more often it's me leaving him for youth trips! It's been quite fun though, when I leave for a few days I usually prep meals for him to heat up cos he'd live on nutella on bread otherwise, but in his absence I'm enjoying being able to cook little things that I like that he doesn't! Tis rather fun!