05 March 2008

Preparation for a zombie attack

Recently we've been watching a few zombie movies.... not on purpose, they either happen to be on TV or are what Lovefilm has sent out to us, e.g. 28 weeks later, Shaun of the Dead, Resident Evil and can I include I am Legend? (Wikipedia's listing of Zombie films does anyway).

All this recently led to a discussion between Rob and I on what we would do in the event of a zombie attack (I cannot stress enough that Rob was the one to bring it up). I just had to laugh, it sounds so ridiculous! He brought up the fact that we'd need to plan somewhere safe to escape to, that it would need to be well stored with tinned food (and then highlighted the lack of tinned food in our kitchen) and lots of ammunition. Hmmmm it's times like these I really wish he blogged, because as weird as this topic is, it would make a really great post!

For now though you may have to make do with what others have said about it all.


Kate said...

I am now thoroughly disappointed that the hubs and I do not have a plan for when Zombies attack. I will remedy this tonight.

Alan in Belfast said...

28 Weeks Later was a great film ... and the only zombie movie I remember.

Wonder it they really will make a 28 Months Later triquel?

Anonymous said...

ruth, its Paul here, ive signed up purely to comment on this blog about zombie attacks. Get yourself the book by max brooks, the zombie survival guide. Rob and I have discussed the plans in great detail.

ruthEbabes said...

Let me know if you do make any plans Kate!

There's potential for it Alan, but hope they'd stop at that.

Hey Paul, it actually came up in our discussion how you and Rob had discussed plans. I'm glad to hear you're on the ball! Siobhan and I are very lucky ladies!