02 March 2008

Irish Blog Awards: the outcome

We had a great night at the awards last night! There were loads of people there, great atmosphere, goody bags and a fantastic theme of "Rick for President" (the host) and had great clips of George Bush with great voiceovers to introduce each award. It was fantastic!

Unfortunately "Ruth's Kitchen Experiments" didn't win the Best Food and Drink blog: the award went to the incredible Italian Foodies. Congrats Lor & Bru!

However I did end up winning a DVD player in the prize draw which was really rather cool!

I got to thinking on the way home about how I don't need an award because I already feel like a winner with this blog due to the fact that people read it and more than that, comment on it! I've found a great community of people who are so encouraging, supportive and just great! Thank you everyone!


Anonymous said...

Cheers for your comment, life can get abit manic to say the least, and saying no to things is not something i'm good at, but need to get better at. Good job with the blog, I for one am an avid reader, and will try and keep my own blog more active : you can hold me accountable on that!!
God bless, Colin

Grannymar said...

I am finally home and checking out all the blogs of people I met in Dublin for the Irish Blog Awards. I was one terrific night

I am looking forward to next year already!!

ruthEbabes said...

I sure will col!

Hi Grannymar! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere! It really was a great night. Congrats again on your win!