19 February 2008

What a week....end

Last week was a bit chaotic and had me stressed and panicked.

Last Monday
My car was in for a service and there were several things found that will need replacing soon that will end up being rather expensive, never mind the fact the service itself wasn't all that cheap either!
While the service was being done I got a call to let me know that the centre we were going to take the youth group to on Friday had some problems with the boiler for the heating and that we couldn't go anymore. so there was a panic about finding somewhere new to go and I spent a good portion of my day off stressing about work stuff again.

A new power cable for the computer still hadn't arrived, so I was starting to panic about the actual teaching and weekend plans that I had already worked on and that I needed to spend a good amount of time on still.
I had found somewhere new - Ballywatt Presbyterian Church - to take the group for the weekend but spent ages phoning round all the parents letting them know the change of plan and what else needed packed etc.

I met up with a friend, but on the way filled the car with petrol, went in to pay and found I'd forgotten my card and had no cash, but it's all sorted now.
The power cable arrived so I could get started on the weekend prep.

Today was full of prep for the weekend. I was so glad to get the power back because this took quite a while with the computer never mind without. It also meant I could find what the readings were that I had decided for a special service in church on the 24th for the kids to be given them for practicing.

A lot more last minute prep for the weekend, including getting all the packing done, food bought, getting everyone into cars and driving off for the weekend with 15 teenagers (eeeek!) and to find somewhere I really didn't know how to get to. Thankfully Mr Tom Tom knew the way!

The rest of the weekend
Was great but i felt a little stressed when everyone decided to ask the same questions a million times that had already been answered at group meetings.... I guess I just need to work on being more patient. Didn't get much sleep either, but enough to get by.

We also had Indian takeaway on the Saturday night which left my tummy a little off (as well as a couple of others).
On the whole I had a great time - and I think the whole group did seeing as they were asking when we were coming back!
Ballywatt Presbyterian was incredible, great facilities, very cosy rooms, well heated, very clean, great kitchen for catering and even showers!!!! If ever you're looking for somewhere to take a youth group to up at the north coast of Ireland you should check it out!

Monday (yesterday)
I actually ended up having a proper day off for the first time in weeks! It was great. I got loads of sleep, took Stewie for a nice long walk, went to see my in laws for a little while, got the groceries, came home made dinner etc. I was so glad to see the end of last week and hope this week ends up being much nicer to me.


Kate said...

At least the week is over - this one has to be better!

Mark said...

What a mental week!

Glad you managed a day off.