19 February 2008

Monthly review 6

Here are some of the stats (obtained via Google Analytics) from the last month (13th January-12th February 08) for this blog, with last months numbers in brackets:

1. There have been 640 (459) visits.
a) 316 (229) of those have come via referring sites
b) 159 (171) of those visits are direct traffic
c) 165 (59) of those visits are from search engines

2. Searches that have brought people to this site are:
personal questions - 9 times (11)
christian childrens talks - 5 times
christian children's talks - 4 times
banbridge babes - 3 times (4)
children today - 3 times
children's talks christian - 3 times
banbridge blog - 2 times
chicken race - 2 times
children's christian talks - 2 times
e-babes - 2 times
floating lemons and sinking limes - 2 times (2)
free youth bible - 2 times
free youth bible studies - 2 times
free youth bible study handouts - 2 times
funny graffiti pics - 2 times
god pie - 2 times (1)
menorca honeymoon - 2 times
portadown babes - 2 times (1)
rob and ruth elkin - 2 times
"cross for sale"
"free" "youth bible study" "resources"
"gear" american top gear
"irish blog awards"
102.4fm banbridge
american top gear
babes ruth parents
bebo belfast graffiti
bebo johnston glengormley
bibble verse fireman pictures
bible study of david for youth
bible study of ruth
bible study on ruth
bible study+ruth
catch them while they are young phrase
chicken race 2008
chickens running in a race
children's address images
children's talk christian
children's talk on ruth bible
childrens christian talks
childrens talks free
childrens talks on ruth
christian children talk
christian children talk love
christian children talks northern ireland
christian childrens talk
christian kids talks on friendship
christians children's talks
crane family in northern ireland
crane heron differences
dafter punk
david and bathsheba bible study
david and bathsheba study youth
david bathsheba school assembly
difference between a crane and a heron
difference between crane and heron
difference heron + crane
dog bebo
download free youth bible studies
e babes
e personality
e sainsburys
e-personality test (1)
edun live
fireman bible talk for children
free childrens talks
free christian children talks
free christian kids talk about love
free kids talk christian
free list famous bible characters
free range chicken northern ireland
free youth bible downloads
free youth bible stories
free youth bible study
funny belfast graffiti
funny graffiti (4)
funny graffiti cartoon
god pie video
harry potter follow up (4)
harry potter followup
herons and cranes,difference
history on floating lemons and sinking limes
honeymoon in menorca
honeymoon menorca
how much are free range chicken breasts in sainsburys
how much money has zach hunter raised?
hugh ,jamie and gordon in a race
i am woman hear me roar
jamie's fowl dinner download
know india program for pci youth 2008
lemons floating, limes sinking
lurgan babes
malone lodge wedding photos
mark goody belfast
menorca + honeymoon
netherlands babes
pictures moses parting red sea
religious children's talks
richard avery tearfund
ruth bible study resources
ruth clothing line
ruth e london
ruth elkin banbridge
ruth patience ballymena
ruth romania
ruth's wedding cakes
ruthebabes (3)
sainsbury's "hot food counter" organic
sainsbury's free range chicken northern ireland
talk 2 ruth e babes christian children talks northern ireland
the big food fight sainsbury's response
the great chicken race
turkei bebo
turkey global bebo
wedding funny graffiti
what is rspca monitored chicken
what is the difference between a heron and a crane ??
why do lemons float and limes sink?
will fowl dinners be repeated
woman at well "children's talk"
youth bible characters bible studies
youth bible studies david
youth bible study free download
youth bible study on bible character david
youth bible study, free,
zach hunter (2)
children's christian talks free - 0
floating lemons and sinking limes experiment - 0

How many of these are you responsible for Alan?

3. Number of visits from each country that visited.
402 (305) visits came from the UK
125 (121) visits came from the USA
32 (12) visits came from Canada
15 (4) visits came from Ireland
14 (2) visits came from Australia
5 visits came from Turkey
5 (2) visit came from France
4 visits came from Brazil
3 (2) visits came from Germany
3 visits came from Spain
3 visits came from the Philippines
2 visits came from New Zealand
2 (1) visits came from India
2 visits came from Finland
2 visits came from Italy
2 (1) visits came from Singapore
2 visits came from Argentina
2 visits came from Portugal
1 (1) visit came from Sweden
1 visit came from Romania
1 visit came from Japan
1 visit came from Venezuela
1 visit came from Bulgaria
1 visit came from Switzerland
1 visit came from Belgium
1 visit came from Thailand
1 (1) visit came from Greece
1 visit came from Chile
1 visit came from Czech Republic
1 visit came from Saint Lucia
1 (1) visit came from Mexico
1 visit from South Korea
1 visit from Malaysia

4. Top 10 referring sites
Ruth's Kitchen Experiments
The life of guy
shot in the arm
Debs Erwin
Google Images
Alan in Belfast

5. Top 3 blog posts
Free Christian Children's Talk 1
Free Youth Bible Study 1
Funny Graffiti pics


Alan in Belfast said...

Only the spoof searches from yesterday ... which weren't in time for this list :) Couldn't resist it when you mentioned you were compiling another list!

Funny thing was that it's quite hard to get search hits using long sentences. But I tried.

Mark said...

It's weird seeing my name in your search hits. :-s