30 November 2007

NaBloPoMo 30

My darling dearest Stewie has a fascination with shoes, and has got his teeth into my wedding shoes thus ruining them and making them unwearable.

They were like this just before the wedding:

And are now like this:

He did all this a while ago but I loved the shoes because they could be worn everyday and went with lots of outfits, as well as the fact they were the shoes I got married in.

Recently I have been looking in the stores for these shoes and had no luck, so decided to look up the Faith website and call the headquarters and see if maybe there were some there.... it was a small chance but I thought what the heck it's only a phone call and if I don't ask I'll never know. So I called and asked and what I learned for today was that there was only one available pair of these shoes in my size left and that they were in Milton Keynes. I called the store in Milton Keynes and they told me that I would need to come into the store to buy them, they can't accept payment over the phone or transfer the shoes to a more local store. I was really bummed by this, one pair left in my size! I was thinking God was just teasing me with this! I was texting Rob about it and he suggested asking about us posting the money instead. So I called the store back and asked, even saying I'd pay double for them, the girl called her manager to speak to me who said that she would send the shoes to me for the price they were and not have to pay postage, however I couldn't send cash it would need to be vouchers bought from a local store. I bought some vouchers, as well as a box of chocolates and a thank you card to send them.

It's not often that retailers take such good care of their customers, but I'm really appreciative and recommend to any of the ladies out there to go have a shop in Faith sometime!

Well this is the end of NaBloPoMo folks, I know it's been a bumpy ride with some really really REALLY dodgy posts but it's been fun at the same time!

Now back to our regular programming.....

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