02 December 2007

I am woman, hear me roar!

Yesterday Rob noticed that our downstairs toilet was leaking a little, we said we'd keep an eye on it and hope it could wait until Monday to get sorted when it's easier to get a plumber. However today when I came home from work/church we noticed that instead of just leaking it was dripping now. We decided to call our home insurance company to see if this would be classed as an emergency and if they would cover the cost of getting a plumber out. They weren't able to get anybody off their contact list of 24 hour plumbers so they told us to get someone to look at it and send the receipt to them. Rob headed off for the gym leaving me to call round people from Bannside who might know a plumber who could come out and have a look. One of the people I called gave me a few instructions over the phone from what he thought it might be. So I went off, got some tools and set to work and it's fixed!!!!!! I feel so proud of myself now.

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