29 November 2007

NaBloPoMo 29

On Sunday I was at a youth rally with our young people, which i mentioned before. The night was led by Worship Ireland and at the end of the night they gave out a free CD. I got round to listening to it in the car today and really enjoyed it.

There was a track in the middle that was a talk and it gave me my NabloPoMo thing for the day:

Henry J. Heinz is someone we all know and love.... well I do at least. It turns out that he was a Christian and at the age of 9 he was growing, making and selling his own horseradish sauce. At 17 he was making about $2,500 a year - a lot of money at that time.
Later on as his business grew so did his workforce and he was a very caring boss - he had a swimming pool at the factory so the employee's familys could come and spend the day there, as well as being the first employer to pay for the employee's health care. An inspiration to many bosses and managers to follow him.

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