25 November 2007

Personal questions....

Sundays are my busiest days and usually on Sunday mornings after Bible Class I'm running around the church trying to find people before the service for various reasons because as soon as it's over everyone rushes home for their Sunday roast.

Today while I was rushing around someone stopped me for a quick chat and asked, "have you put weight on recently?" I didn't know what to say, I was really caught off guard! Like there was no "how are you?" or anything before hand! In truth yes, I have, not much, so little that I didn't think it would be that noticeable to other people. Well I kind of laughed and said "well sure everyone does around Christmas". The next question was "are you pregnant?" The phrase "none of your business" came to mind but I laughed again and said no.

I walked away sucking my stomach in and thinking do i look fat?. I don't think I'm all that paranoid about how I look, in general I'm quite happy with it - like most people there are a few things I would change if I could - but these two questions left me feeling very paranoid and self conscious. When I got home poor Rob had to hear all about it.

I've posted before about the campaign for real beauty - why don't I get it into my head that beauty is more than what's on the outside?

Tonight at the local youth rally the speaker was talking about all sorts of things but a little sentence was in there about how we are a unique and beautiful creation, individually crafted by the Maker and unconditionally loved by him. Why should I, or anyone for that matter, be seeking approval from others? I'm not saying I shouldn't take pride in my appearance and want to look my best, but that really I need to find assurance from my Heavenly Father.


Alan in Belfast said...

There's some kind of prize for being the first person to "out" a newly pregnant woman. Seems quite a competitive pursuit for some.

And there's a lack of dignity (for both the asker and the askee) in finding out the information and forgetting to be subtle - or just not bothering because it's rude.

Maybe a good retort would be "And I was just going to ask you the same thing!"

miss.sarah said...

The pregnancy prize thing is so true its not even funny, and for some reason, baby talk seems to give people the license to be extremely rude.

Hope you're OK!