27 August 2007

Audio books and podcasts

Recently I've been taking my iPod into the park with me when I'm walking Stewie on my own. It started with listening to a bit of music, then I moved on to catching up on some podcasts I subscribe to and today I moved on to listening to an audiobook. I had bought the Chronicles of Narnia audiobook on iTunes ages ago and listened to the first two books then stopped, so it was fun to start the third book today and live in a wee imaginary world while I walked. I highly recommend it!

For those who might be interested in the podcasts I'm subscribed to here's a list of a few of them:
> Best of Chris Moyles Advanced
> Best of YouTube
> Christ Fellowship Church
> Dylan's Couch
> Jamie Oliver's Podcast
> Life in Student Ministry
> Scott Mills Daily
> Simply Youth Ministry
> Who are these guys?
> Youth Specialties.


Nuncle said...

You should try out Diggnation. It's a great podcast.

ruthEbabes said...

downloadin the latest episode for my listening pleasure now