28 August 2007

I want to ride my bicycle....

Plans had been made months in advance for a man who arrived at the church today. His name is Richard Avery and has been involved in raising awareness of various issues for Tear Fund. See here and here to get a better idea about what Richard does.

Today he arrived at Bannside Presbyterian as part of his cycle from Lisburn to Dungannon today (stopping at Ballynahinch, Banbridge, Lurgan and Portadown on the way) and we were forunate to get to spend some time with him by providing him with some lunch. Tomorrow he's cycling from Coleraine (stopping in Ballymoney and Ballymena) to Antrim. Then the day after he's cycling from Stranrear to Glasgow! He's doing all this to help build links and relationships between churches and communities and to promote Tear Fund's Be Part of the Miracle. It's just remarkable how he's using what is a hobbie to raise awareness of some very noble causes. I really wish I was just a little fitter.... not to be able to do what Richard does, more just to be a little healthier.

Check out Be Part of the Miracle for more details of what Tear Fund are doing to join churches together in prayer and relationship.

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