26 August 2007

Oh what a night

Saturday night was rather eventful this week. To start was a night out with some old school friends to celebrate a birthday and also to say goodbye to a friend who's heading off to Egypt for a few years to work as a teacher! He's been to Egypt as a teacher before for a year and loved it so much he's gone back. Well dinner was delicious, despite feeling like I might explode cos I ate so much.... my eyes were so much bigger than my stomach.
We've been trying to meet more regularly recently, with regularly meaning about once a month. We had all gone our separate ways when we went to uni or started work, which was such a huge shame because we were extremely close friends in school and to have lost all those close friendships was just wrong. I was so glad when we met up around last November, I had missed them all so much and now over the past few months we've been making a bigger effort to do things together once a month which has been working very well and it turns out that more and more old school friends join us each month. It's fantastic hearing what people have been up to and seeing how much they've changed.

After our dinner together I had to head home to get ready for going out into the town to do NightReach where we serve tea and coffee and biscuits to the young people who are coming out of the bars and clubs there around 1-2am. I really enjoy these nights and meeting so many young people from all over the country who've travelled in buses and taxis and coaches to Banbridge for a night out. You really meet some interesting people though this outreach and come across some interesting situations of young people who used to have a faith in God but have since lost their faith, young people who have been through horrible situations and lost their faith in God and many many more. I'm so glad this outreach exists and thrives and that there is a huge positive response from those who come to get some free tea and coffee at the end of the night.

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