27 March 2008

What's happening in the blogosphere 1

I feel really bad. I feel like I've been neglecting this blog lately while Ruth's Kitchen Experiments gets loads of attention! I haven't forgotten this blog, just that I've noticed myself thinking about food, recipes and in particular food blog events pretty much all the time! Yes I need out more, but when I do go out I end up going into a butchers, greengrocers, tesco, sainsburys or somewhere food related.

Anyways, while I ponder what I'm going to write about for my next post I want to share some links to posts by other bloggers that I found rather interesting or something like that:

1. Maggie Dawn - Retouching Beauty

2. Why you should become vegetarian - YUCK!

3. Grannymar's Thursday Special - My next life

4. Tim Schmoyer defines the question about the 20 somethings dropout from church

5. Alan in Belfast shares a story about paying congestion charges

6. Marko asks for some help with his upcoming book: Youth Ministry 3.0

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