29 March 2008

Bacon buttie time!

I love having a bacon buttie! It's just fab, cooking the bacon, buttering the bread, mixing it all together.... so simple yet so delicious!

I was getting the bacon ready for one today and wee Stewie was being the cute pup that he is paying close attention to what was happening!

And this is him watching me eating.... it's so hard saying no to that cute face!

He loves sitting and watching me cook, think it's so he can work out whether or not it's worth his while eating his own food or trying to blag a bit of our food!


Kate said...

That first picture could have been taken at our home.

ruthEbabes said...

It's cute right?

David Lowry said...

mmm bacon butties, i made some last week... but instead of just bacon/butter/bread i used a little cheese (melted) and very small diced peppers.
they were awesome.

ruthEbabes said...

hmmm I've had bacon butties like that before dave. Love it toasted too