01 January 2008

2007 Review

Many blogs have done a review of 2007, mostly using the format of "highlights" or the "best blog posts" or "my tops tens of x, y and z for 2007" etc. However I was reading fellow April 07  bride Chris Cool's blog and loved how she reviewed the year by what happened month by month and have decided to do the same seeing as the last year has been very eventful for me too!

We spent New Year's Eve in 2006 with some of Rob's classmates and their significant others by having dinner at our new house. We had just got the keys to our house a few days before Christmas and I had insisted on having a tree put up, my first ever Christmas tree and it was a real tree. Mum and Dad have always had artificial trees so this was a real treat, but soon after the turn of the new year we had to remove the decorations and say goodbye to our first tree.
On the 2nd and 3rd of the month I starred in a play put on by the church called, "Don't Tell the Wife", where I played Hilda, a girlfriend of Cyril who was a little odd.

And a lot of wedding planning took place, as well as Rob and I going to a marriage preparation course run by Christian Guidelines

Wedding invites were sent out, replies started coming in as well as some wedding presents!
I went go karting with the BB as the only girl!
Tried my wedding dress on for the first time, it was rather big and was taken to the seamstress for alterations.

Had my first wedding - in a play, not a real wedding - a short sequel to "Don't tell the wife" was written where my character got married and was performed exactly a month before my own wedding at the church annual review. Like my dress?

I also went for hair and make up trials for the actual wedding - it was so much fun being pampered - and did lots more wedding prep.
And more wedding presents came!

The first Bannside Youth Retreat in my time being there was held in the first week of the month. There were about a dozen of us altogether and we had a great time.
A few days later I had my hen night at Fat Buddha which was great! Gorgeous food! Fantastic company! And great craic!

I had wedding dress finally altered and picked up just 3 days before the wedding!!!!
And on the 20th Rob and I became Mr and Mrs Ruth! lol We had an amazing day, it was so much more fun than I had ever imagined it would be! I'm a very forunate girl to have married the love of my life.

After the wedding we had our "minimoon" as I called it. We weren't able to go away on our honeymoon straight away seeing as Rob had his final exams to do for his degree, so we spent a few nights in the bridal suite of the Malone Lodge Hotel which was fantastic! Recommend it if you can afford it!
We came home and I started living with my new hubby.
About a week later I turned 24!!! and I got birthday presents!!!!!
And we had lots more wedding presents!!!!

Rob took part in the Megaw Memorial Lectures and came second. In my humble (and unbiased lol) opinion I think he should have won, but I was so proud of him!

We got our wedding photos, and i added loads on flickr and bebo. I was so happy with how they all turned out. Our photographer, Michael Taylor was amazing and did so much for us, he really understood what we wanted. We would recommend him to anyone! And he doesn't just do weddings, so if you're after a good photographer check him out.
On the 10th we got our wee puppy Stewie. And here he is the first day we got him:

He was so scared and still is a little scared of things but he's come out of his shell now and become a cheeky spoilt pup lol. But we love him lots.

The first 3 days of the month saw a huge fundraising event for the church that had took the best part of 2 years to plan. The Bannside flower festival where we served over 2000 meals as well as serve a huge amount of tea, coffee and scones. We had thousands of people come to see the beautiful flower arrangements. But the biggest success was having members of the church all working together, getting to know each other, involving new people and having fun together!

This year was the first ever Kid's Praise Party held by PCI. It was a fantastic event, I can't wait to see what happens at this year's party.
On the same day, straight after the Kid's Praise Party was Youth night, another great year, however as usual it ran over time a little.
The last few days of the month were spent at Summer Madness which was known as SBSUSM07 (meaning "stand by or stand up, summer madness 07) for the year and was the last year of the StreetReach outreach project, with over 2000 (if memory serves me right) people (mostly teenagers) hitting the streets, to clean up, serve, play with kids and much more.

The first few days of the month saw the second half of Summer Madness with Rob's Graduation in the middle

Another day where I was all proud of him!
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out at the cinema. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released.

August saw the start of this blog. which has been going very well if I say so myself.
And soon after that I started "Just add eggs" which is now "ruth's kitchen experiments"
We booked our honeymoon.
And I went to the second PCI Youth Ministry Summer School

We cut the grass for the first time
Rob and I headed down to Kilkenny to see his mum and brother.

We went on our Honeymoon in Menorca and while away got to finish reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Then about a week later I took a crowd of 16 to the MAD weekend and we had a great time

November was a challenge for my blogging because I signed up to do NaBloPoMo and decided to post about things I learnt everyday.
I also had my annual review this month and was offered permanent contract which was rather exciting!
My lovely hubby bought me an iPhone
I had also made my 100th post

December was it's usual self - extremely busy but lots of fun. Especially seeing as this was our first Christmas together married and New Years was celebrated in style, just the 3 of us on the sofa watching TV.

What a fantastic year!!! I'm looking forward to the next one! Happy new year everyone!

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