04 November 2007

NaBloPoMo 4

Sunday's a busy day for me and it was one I was wondering would I be able to learn something new and I kind of did. The first Sunday of every month we have a fun social night in our youth group and for tonight's entertainment we did "Speed Dating" however it wasn't really dating: we used to idea of talking to each person for 3 minutes and adapted it to be a "get to know 3 brand new things about each person." So I leanrt lots about some of the new people in the group. For instance two of them are dj's on a radio show in the town, I learnt about what people wanted to be when they grew up, I learnt about a few people who have been hiding some musical talents and much more! So I did learn a whole lot of stuff tonight but I feel like this is a bit of a cop out from my challenge to blog about learning something new everyday. Ah well hopefully tomorrow will be a better NaBloPoMo day.

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