05 November 2007

Beautiful Autumn

The fact we have Stewie now forces us to get out of the house and walking. We would usually walk in Hillsborough Forest Park where we've seen some beautiful scenery in the Summer:

But now Autumn is in full flow and the forest floor is littered with leaves turning orange and red and yellow, along with the debris left from seeds scattering. The trees have all changed into beautiful colours, the sun lies lower in the sky and creates beautiful scenery as it's light shines through the trees and casts fantastic shadows. The water in the lake seems to have even changed colour as some leaves have drifted into the water when they fell and it reflects the colours of the trees standing around it's edge. I've never really appreciated how beautiful this season really is until now. I'll have to take some photos when I'm there tomorrow.

Mind you as beautiful as it all is, it makes it very hard to find Stewie's tennis ball when it gets lost among the similarly coloured leaves!

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