08 November 2007

Honeymoon Report and Photos

Well as requested: a report on our late honeymoon........

It all kicked off in London. Rob arrived ahead of me and checked in to our hotel, then when I arrived he met me at the tube station near the hotel. We were quite shocked at the size of the room for what we were paying for it - quite abit smaller than we had expected from a 4* hotel but was decent for a night's sleep and rather handy to the tube station that was on the circle line so it was pretty easy to get anywhere in London from there. We ended up in McD's for a quick bite cos we were both hungry from our travelling, then headed for the Regent Street Apple Store for Rob to get excited about the new iPhone.

After all that we headed to a fancy chinese (or as my uncle called it "Asian Fusion") restaurant called Hakkasan to meet my Uncle for dinner. He had told us it was near Tottenham Court Road Station and what road it was on. Seeing as we didn't know roads in London we looked up google maps while we were at the apple store then headed to meet him. We found the road he told us it was on and it looked like a bit of a back alley and started to wonder if we were in the right place, then we spotted it at the end of the alley just off the road a little and beside a pile of scaffolding. It was a black door with a little sign of the restaurants name and a group of 3 or 4 "bouncers" with clipboards. They asked our name and let us in. We walked through the door and down a long set of black stairs surrounded by black walls - was a rather scary intimidating experience. We arrived at the bottom of the stairs and were greeted by some very fancily dressed people asking our name again and one led us through the restaurant around lots of tables and through lots of doorways around the place to the table where my uncle was sitting waiting. It was a great evening in a very fancy restaurant - definitely not something I would get to experience at home! We had starters that I'd never had before, we had cocktails, we had wine, we had scandanavian water, we had pork, we had chicken, we had fish, we had pak choi, we had rice, we had ice cream and we had sorbet and lots and lots of fun chatting!
After all that eating and drinking, we headed down to the Thames for a walk across it beside the London Eye and had more chat and drinks by the river. It was a fantastic night and great to hang out with my uncle who I don't see so much.

The next day we headed to Gatwick, checked in our bags and got lunch there before we flew to Mahon, Menorca. When we had booked our flight we were told we wouldn't get a meal on the flight but we ended up having one set in front of us, which we weren't hungry for but it turned out to be pasta which Rob doesn't like anyways so it turned out fine.

We arrived safe and sound, got our bags and picked up our rental car.

Then drove across the island to our villa.

And after all that travelling we put the bags in the villa and headed out to eat

It was a great meal, so good after all the junk you eat when you travel.

During the rest of our time in Menorca we did a lot of chilling out and relaxing. We hung out at the pool, read books, watched some tv (we were able to get some english channels) and did a few sudoku (Rob learnt how to do them while we were away!!!) We mostly cooked in the villa due to food being quite expensive out there but we wnet out a for a few meals and ocassionally some desserts.

One night while we were out we got some indian food (our favourite) and it was terrible! The rice was barely cooked the sauces were bland and the naan bread wasn't the greatest either, another indian disappointment. Mostly though any food we had when we ate out was great and the restaurants all looked out onto this lovely harbour.

We had a little misfortune with the weather when we had a storm that lasted 3 or 4 days along with a few other rainy cold days - rain, wind, thunder, lightning - not what we were expecting, but we appreciated the sunshine when it did show.

After 2 weeks in Menorca we headed back to the other side of the island, left the car where we were told, headed into the airport, waited a few hours and then got our flight to London. When we arrived we got a taxi to our hotel and were very impressed with Copthorne Hotel Gatwick. It was beautiful! A spacious gorgeous room with a big and very comfortable bed, and a big tv. We ordered room service for dinner and enjoyed sitting on the bed watching some tv, eating dinner and generally being back in the UK.

We left the following morning and flew home to Belfast ready to get back into everyday life again and to see wee Stewie again who was incredibly excited to see us after his own holiday staying with friends of ours.


miss.sarah said...


Sounds lovely (except the rain, obviously). I want to go to that chinese! Whats the iPhone like in the flesh?

Anyway, next monday will be great, just send me a text or whatever! It been too long!

ruthEbabes said...

The iPhone is ah-may-zin!!! Rob's all excited about getting his, not sure when I'll get mine yet tho.

I'll send you a wee text soon about monday!

Love ya