01 November 2007

Christmas lights

It's not just Belfast getting their Christmas lights up. The past couple of days have seen Christmas lights appear all over Banbridge centre with a mini cherry picker blocking a lane of traffic while they drape the lights round the trees in the middle of the road.

Here's a few photos from 2 years ago - they're using the same decorations this year.
The twinkly trees in the middle of Bridge Street/Newry Street

The lights around "The Cut"

I'm not quite ready for Christmas to happen but have noticed talk about it picking up... in fact the first mention I heard of Christmas this year was in June with reference to thinking about our Children's Christmas Gift Service. Despite not wanting Christmas to come just yet I have had a wee look round some of the Christmas gift sections in the shops now and have a little page at the back of my diary with some ideas of things to get for people this year. I suppose in order for it all to be over quicker and avoid the crowds it's good to think ahead and enjoy the season a little more.

Also now that Halloween is over I may as well start wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.... seeing as it's the next holiday to look forward to!

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xsquared said...

Hi! Found you via the NaBloPoMo Randomiser :)

Its the same thing here in the USA - as soon as Halloween is over, it is time for Christmas! Crazy. All the stores are already decorated, but we wait to decorate our house and put up our tree until the first day of Advent.