01 October 2007

Pulled over....

On Saturday night I met up again with some old school friends who I've spoke about before and how we're trying to meet more regularly. We spent the night at one of the girls' houses watching TV, eating chinese and having a chat.

When it came to getting the chinese the choice was to wait an hour and a half on delivery or go pick it up in 20 minutes.... so obviously we waited on delivery.... only kidding, I went to pick it up with one of the girls. On the way to pick it up we were chatting away about all sorts, when some people in the opposite direction started flasshing their headlights. I said to my friend how people seem to flash their lights at me sometimes thinking I have full beams on, but she said "do you not think it's a sign that the police are ahead?" and she was right. We saw them ahead like 2 seconds after she said this and all of a sudden i was being pulled over! I didn't understand, I hadn't been speeding! All of a sudden my heart started racing thinking I was in trouble and I didn't know what for. The policeman smiled at me as I rolled down my window and informed me that one of my headlights was out and needed replacing. I smilled back and kind of giggled nervously over it all, said cheerio and that I'd get it sorted.

I'm still laughing at how I reacted to being pulled over... definitely have to sort the headlight out though.

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