05 September 2007

Odd conversation # 1

Had an odd telephone conversation today. I had called the College opposite the church in reply to a call they made me. It went as follows:

College: Hello Southern Regional College Banbridge
Me: Hi, I'm wondering if I could speak to **** ****
College: She's not here right now can i take a message?
Me: Yes would you tell her that Ruth from Bannside Presbyterian Church called?
College: Ok who called?
Me: Ruth
College: From Banbridge what?
Me: From Bannside Presbyterian
College: Presbyterian? Is that a school?
Me: Ummm no it's a CHURCH
College: Oh right, where's that?
Me: Across the road from the college
College: There's a church there? Is it new?
Me: Been here for 140 years now.
College: Oh................ well I'll leave that message for **** ****
Me: Thanks, bye.
College: Bye.

Are people just that oblivious to what is around them? Or in front of them for that matter?

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