17 September 2007

Last week's list?

Last week I put up a list of things i'd to get done last week and I thought I'd follow up on how it all turned out:

> a funeral tomorrow where I'm taking care of the sound
> getting the youth news letter finalised and printed for distribution this Sunday.

> Sorting out the leaders for Scouts - Scouts is not starting back for a couple more weeks so it's fine that ithasn't been finished yet
> preparing children's address for Sunday
> Writing letters to young people from Bible Class and those moving up into it so they know we're starting and about some of the changes we're making - I phoned them instead
> Print the Bannside Information Sheets (this is a leaflet that tells you about all the organisations, including contact details) - waiting to hear from the boss if they get the go ahead to print and distribute.
> Prepare a lesson for Bible Class
> Meet with luncheon circle leader to prepare menus, leadership teams, rota, dates etc.

> Preparing parent's letters to let them know what's happening in our Youth Fellowship until Christmas
> Preparing and going to a meeting of worship committee to plan the praise to be sung in church until Christmas
> Go to Junior YF and YF.
> Prepare the Order of Service
> Meet up with a couple of female clergy for Breakfast and prayer time.

All in all not too bad! Feel quite pleased with myself, however lots mor eot be getting on with this week.

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Rob Elkin said...

Not good enough. Work harder. Slacker.