17 September 2007

blast from the past

I came rushing home from Tesco yesterday after shopping for food for our YF, and told Rob the story I'm about to tell you... he thought I was weird and rolled his eyes at me but despite that I still feel the compulsion to share this story with you.....

You know how it can be in Tesco: everyone is in their own little world mostly clueless about what's going on around them as they try to remember what all they came in for. Well there i was at the till ready to pay and go when I looked at the person who had been in front of me and realised i knew her. I looked at her, as she looked back at me with a similar I know you from somewhere look, and said her name. She replied, "Ruth? I wasn't sure if that was you!" Instantly I was back at school, i pictured myself with my bad hair (not that it's any better these days), wearing the ever so glamourous B.R.A. uniform, feeling all nerdy and looking her as one of the "cool" girls again.

(BTW I have no idea who the girl in the photo is, i got it off the B.R.A. site and I'd imagine she's about 3rd year given the uniform and the fact it's from a business class therefore I was never at school with her.... anyways I'm getting off the point).

We chatted briefly and found out that we both were living in Banbridge now and that another of the "cool" girls has just got married and is moving down too. Then we ended the conversation with a "You're on bebo right? We'll have to meet up."

It was all rather odd, I mean neither of these girls would have spoke to me much at school. But people have changed and gorwn up and matured since then. We shall see if the meet up ever happens tho.

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