20 May 2008

Free Youth Bible Study 2 - Clay Pot

As we're coming into the summer and the tone and speed of youth group slows down due to the warmer weather, exams, families going caravaning etc I decided to take an idea that Duffy Robbins had shared at summer school last August. He spoke about a youth worker (whose name escapes me but if anyone knows please fill me in!!!) who took a large clay pot and broke it into lots of pieces, gave a piece to each of the young people in his group to decorate then glued it all together again.

When I handed out the pieces they were rather confused but loved the idea of expressing themselves also once we'd finished decorating we got to play some rounders outside in the sun.

I took all the pieces home and spent all of the following week gluing it all back together again but it turned out real well -

The following week we had a relaxed casual Bible Study and used the pot as a prop.

Click here to download the Bible Study

If you're using this please get in touch. I'd love to know where and how it's being used - just because I'm curious.

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maureen said...

ruth i love this idea and tried to download your bible study just to see what you did with it and couldn't... sad ...i have been thinking about how to do the very thing you did with the pot now that i see it is possible i will go forward thanks it looks lovely and i bet the youth enjoyed this project