13 May 2008

Backstreet's back

OK, I know I'm not a tweenager anymore, but when my friend texted me a few months ago and asked if I wanted to go to the Back Street Boys concert I thought why not? Now I'm not a big fan of them... in fact I don't even own any of their albums or singles etc so when I said yes and told some family and friends they were quite surprised.

Well last night was the night and I have to say it was great fun. I haven't been at a concert in ages, so that was part of the fun too I suppose. The warm up act was a guy called George, who was being managed by one of the Backstreet Boys, who was really quite annoying. To start with he came out and the music started and he did this Justin Timberlake type dance thing for a few minutes then sang along with his own voice on the track for a bit before going back to the weird dancing. Then he really made me unhappy and completely massacred a classic: Eric Clapton's "Tears in heaven". He sang some more songs which were his own - "Lie to me" and "Talk to me" I was waiting for "Run to me" or something similar to be the next song. Then he went on to take off his shirt, which made me wanna barf because I just hate stars who flaunt their bodies to get more of a response and they usually do it to cover up for a lack of talent anyways (which I thought was obvious). All in all I really didn't like him as an entertainer, he may well be a lovely bloke though so I'll hope that maybe he is.

He cleared off and about 15 minutes later the main act came on stage. It seemed a little tacky to start with being that they'd dressed in boxer's gowns and were coming on to the stage on a boxing ring "fighting each other along to the "Eye of the Tiger" tune, then they started singing one of their own songs to the tune which sounded really good! They sang some of their older stuff and also some of their new album, as well as some of each of their own solo work. Nick got on a drum kit and did some great drumming to a dance track. Near the end of the show a couple of them went to the crowd so the crazed fans people at the front could see them up close - the guys just looked to be having so much fun which makes it fun to watch too I suppose. There was loads of variety in the music so a lot of different people would have enjoyed the show. It was a great night, and I even woke up this morning singing one of the songs! It's gone now though.

I didn't really get any photos cos I've only got my camera phone which didn't work so good, but when my friend puts her pics online I'll add them here.

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