23 April 2008

Odd jigsaw

I've been having a bit of a rough time lately, mind you our anniversary weekend celebrations did help, but I'll not go into details here, however I'll post soon about the weekend.

Anyways I spotted a post on Marko's blog about a fun little jigsaw found here where the pieces of the jigsaw are little individual pictures that somehow fit together. It took be a little while to do that with some breaks in between, but it was a fun distraction from thinking about my bad mood.

Have a go I think you'll like it.


Kate said...

I hope you snap out of it soon and feel better!

Nuncle said...

Awesome jigsaw! Love it. Hope you and Rob had a good anniversary. ;)

Ruth Elkin said...

Thanks Kate, need to figure some things out and work on it but it should be fine.

Hey Dave, I've done the jigsaw a few times now.... it's fun but starting to get boring and a little too easy now. We had a fab day, hope u and Laura are well!