06 March 2008

Where in the world is Mr E?

I got this photo emailed to me from Rob today....

Can you tell where he was?

Lucky duck.... I'll just have to beat him to the new one in Belfast tomorrow!


Alan in Belfast said...

Belfast Apple Store doesn't open until June/July ... so you'll have to make do with a trip up to the viewing gallery instead.

shot in the arm said...

I saw that video of Steve Jobs and the new computer..and less than a week later we had them at Best Buy (the electronics store i work at) because Apple actually has an 'area' in our store. And I mean there is a black carpeted area in which ONLY Apple products are allowed to be on. They pay for the area. So we have a table with about 7 computers set up on it that you can mess around with. And I accidentally discovered we had that new laptop one day when there were 2 guys looking at it pondering aloud and I stopped by to help them since I had heard about it. Was pretty neat to discover we actually had it in so quickly!

Mark said...

I didn't know there was going to be an Apple store in Belfast.


In a potentially expensive sort of way.

ruthEbabes said...

Aw well the viewing gallery will do just fine alan. I'll still beat him! lol

Nice one Mel

Glad to spread the good news Mark ;o)