14 March 2008

Toffee yoghurt taco

I forgot to post this after last Saturday when we had friends over for dinner. We had made a bit of a mexican feast of tacos and fajitas and burritos to make up for ourselves. Well near the end of our meal Rob dared Paul to eat some toffee yoghurt with what he had on his plate and he did!

From what I remember it included hard shell taco, taco spiced mince beef, barbeque sauce, cheese and toffee yoghurt. If I've left anything out I'm sure Paul will correct me. But apparently it tasted good.

It sounded gross to me but then reminded me about how when i was a McDonalds employee I used to enjoy dipping my fries into my ice cream and still do occasionally now.

So what food combinations that sound odd together do you like then?


Kate said...

I LOVED dipping french fries in soft serve! Now I do that with In-N-Out milkshakes.

ruthEbabes said...

I remember discovering this delicacy on my internship in Nashville a few years ago, loved it!