27 February 2008

Resource review: Cecil the Lost Sheep

This morning for an assembly at a Special School I used a book that I had seen all over the place but not read until a few days ago. It is part of a series of books called the "Lost Sheep" series wrote by Andrew McDonough based on stories and ideas Jesus taught us. Cecil the Lost Sheep is the first in the series and is a bargain at £2.99!!! Initially I thought these were just bed time books for little kids, and yes they are aimed at little kids and would be definitely be fantastic bedtime reading, but it made me not worry too much about the book seeing as I don't have any kiddies to read to. Then I spotted a huge version of the book one day when I was visiting the Youth and Children's offices at PCI that is used for telling the story to larger groups to allow them so see the pictures and words, so it lead me to thinking it was an ideal book for an assembly or children's address. When I got my hands on the book (when it was so kindly donated to our new church library), I read through it and loved the way it was written, the illustrations and loved how it told the story of the Lost Sheep in a way that kids will understand and relate to. Even better still, from the point of view of someone who gives talks to children rather often, inside the back cover is a little bubble giving an little intro and conclusion to bookend (no pun intended) telling the story to a group and also gives a simple biblical meaning to the story. 

I can't wait to see the other books in the series! I'm going to have to keep them on hold for an "emergency talk" sometime.

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